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We are implementing a featured list system, to help place your advert on top of all others, and to increase your ad's visibility and performance.

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All Featured adverts
Appear on the front page
Appear on the top of all adverts in their category
Will be looked at by us, we'll correct any mistakes therein, and optimise it for visitors
Have additional space for six photos
Generally receive a better response due to the enhanced positioning, optimisation and photos
Will be grouped together by advertiser, and a link provided from each one of them to the group, if there are more than one ads, so that all your adverts are viewable together by users.

Why feature
Your unfeatured advert is one amongst thousands of property ads on Ghanafind, and you want it to stand out
Our website is frequented by thousands of property searchers each month, and you'll benefit greatly from an improved listing

How to feature your ad
If you have not done so already, you must submit an advert first. You can do so here
Once you have a posting ID sent to your email, you should use the form below to subscribe to the featured list

How much
The price to promote your advert to the featured list is only $15 per month
We will arrange payment options depending on where you live, and when we have received your subscription request

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